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Elon Said…. Trigger Warning Podcast Ep10

Elon said

In this episode of Trigger Warning, Janine is joined by Gary Russel and Sammy Chon, co-founders of ACTS Token. The discussion revolves around recent comments made by Elon Musk regarding Dogecoin and the importance of conducting thorough research and making your own informed decisions.

Is My Ledger Safe. Trigger Warning Podcast Ep9

Is my ledger safe

Is my ledger safe? Join Janine in another episode of Trigger Warning as she discusses the recent launch of Ledger Recover with Sammy Chon, co-founder of ACTS Token. They explore the implications of this service for the security and trustworthiness of Ledger devices.

Is Crypto A Scam. Trigger Warning Podcast Ep8

Is Crypto A Scam

Is crypto a scam? In this episode of Trigger Warning, Janine sits down with Sammy Chon, co-founder of ACTS Token, to discuss the controversial topic of whether Bitcoin or crypto for that matter is a scam.

Whats The Next 1000x Viral Crypto

whats the next 1000x viral crypto

The crypto industry is known for its fast-paced nature and has witnessed the rise of numerous viral coins that experience exponential growth overnight. In this podcast, we delve into the concept of viral crypto

Is Crypto A Fad Trigger Warning Podcast – Ep6

Is Crypto a fad

In this episode of the Trigger Warning Podcast, Gary, Sammy, and Janine offer perspective on the future of crypto and how to read trends to determine whether or not investing in cryptocurrency is a wise decision.