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Utility Projects & ACTS Tokenomics

Innovative Blockchain Utility Projects For Web3

Our Utility Projects

ACTS Token community

Restoring The Grid Game

ACTS Token community

Acts Metaverse Campus

ACTS Token community

Real World Assets

Restoring The Grid Game

The land of a once mighty world now lies ravaged, in ruin, the kingdom shattered, consumed by the Noxithorns. Planted by an unknown force, the Noxithorns choke anything and everything they touch. The Grid, the lifeblood of [redacted] remains dormant, the connection to the Elemental Cores and the [redacted] severed by the encroaching darkness.  You can only defeat the Noxithorns and restore order to the world by reawakening the Elemental Cores!

Venture into the Grid Realms, where hidden powers and arcane knowledge await those who overcome the challenges of the ancient race called the [redacted].  Only with your help can their legacy be unlocked and their true magic be revealed.

So, Hero, are you up to the task of Restoring the Grid?

Restoring the Grid is the first epic game from ACTS Token. It’s low-fi, old school, beautifully designed and rendered, and fun to play! There will be various types of skill achievements as well as skins and collectibles dispersed throughout the game. These items will be decentralized, and owned completely by the players.

There will also be income opportunities for playing the game and unlocking achievements.  And this is only the beginning!  There will be more games to follow as we move along our roadmap. We’re excited for our community to trek alongside us on this adventure!

In the game, you’ll clear out thorns (among other things) with drills, flamethrowers and square vehicles that roll in this unique first/third-person game. The game is progressing well and is in beta phase. You can watch the trailer here.

ACTS Token community
ACTS Token community
ACTS Token community

ACTS Metaverse Campus

The Digital Content Academy

At its core, ACTS is a training company. The ACTS Leadership has decades of training experience in various disciplines (financial, real estate, success, relationship coaching, etc). A major focus of our token utility will be a one-stop-shop training platform, designed to revolutionize the online training space.

This Digital Campus will allow influencers, academics, home school directors, educators, coaches, speakers, houses of worship, and artists of all kinds to create, perfect, and publish content into libraries to distribute into classrooms at any level of interaction. The software suite will be robust, user-friendly, and seamless.

Creators can conduct live training, pre-recorded trainings, and break-out groups, the options are endless. There will be a la carte access and a monthly subscription feature.

Our goal is to create a unique and wide-reaching education interaction program with Web3 ideals – decentralized, user-owned, community-created – and cutting-edge technology at the forefront.


Real World Assets

One of the most exciting long-term promises of the web3 ecosystem is the concept of fractional ownership in real-world assets. Real estate, high-value art, collectibles, rare automobiles – these illiquid-but-valuable items will eventually be “tokenized” and sold in Secure Token Offerings, similar to a utility token such as ACTS Token

For example, if you want cash flow from a piece of real estate that is valued at $1M, typically you would have to raise $1M to buy it. With Web 3 fractional ownership, that $1M property could be tokenized into 1000 secured tokens for $1000 per token. Now you can buy a $1000 token and still get a percentage of the property’s income.

This also makes the property itself more valuable because it is no longer illiquid, it can be sold in smaller pieces which makes the property intrinsically more valuable, which in turn makes your secured tokens worth more as well. It’s a positive feedback loop that will eventually create massive value in currently illiquid markets.

The Leadership team of ACTS Token has decades of linear cash flow real estate investment and training experience. In fact, marrying linear cash flow markets with Web3 was among the first reasons that the team decided to start ACTS Token.

There will be many opportunities for our community to participate in our secured offerings in the future as our roadmap unfolds. The real estate asset classes will be linear cash flow focused – apartment complexes, mobile homes parks, self-storage, billboards, single-family rentals, etc.

ACTS Tokenomics

Welcome to ACTS Token Island!

Watch this video to gain a better understanding of what makes ACTS Token stand out from the rest! 

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