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What is the technology behind the token

What Is The Technology Behind The Token?

Trigger Warning Podcast - Episode 12 [Video]

Key Takeaways From This Weeks Podcast Episode

  • Introduction to ACTS Token and its technology on the Binance Smart Chain
  • Advantages of a decentralized network and smart contracts
  • Choosing a wallet for interacting with the Binance Smart Chain
  • Importance of offline password safety for secure transactions
  • Insights from the founders: Gary and Sammy’s vision and passion for ACTS Token
  • Focus on ACTS of Kindness, financial training, and supporting nonprofits
  • Creating a favorable financial marketplace for users and generating value for all token holders

In a fascinating exploration of the cryptocurrency world, co-founders of ACTS Token, Gary and Sammy joined Janine, on our latest episode of Trigger Warning. They gave us a deep dive into the unique technology powering ACTS Token and why they are so passionate about their creation.

The Technology, Heart, and Future of ACTS Token

Janine: Our first question dives right into the technical side of things. Sammy, so what is the technology behind the Token? How does ACTS Token work, and what makes it valuable?

Sammy: ACTS Token is a cryptocurrency created on the Binance Smart Chain. This chain is a decentralized network, allowing us to use smart contracts and different rules and algorithms to create and issue cryptocurrency. As a result, ACTS Token is a decentralized token that operates independently from any centralized exchange.

Janine: Excellent. Sammy, in your opinion, what would be the best wallet to store your ACTS Token in if you were to purchase it?

Sammy: When dealing with a decentralized blockchain like the Binance Smart Chain, the most widely used wallet software is Metamask. Metamask interacts securely with the Binance Smart Chain and I’d highly recommend an offline password safe to secure your 12 keys.

Janine: Thanks for the advice, Sammy. Now, I’d like to hear from both of you, Gary and Sammy. Why did you start ACTS Token? What do you love about it?so what 

Why did you start ACTS Token? What do you love about it?

Gary: For me, ACTS Token allows us to bring together our passion for Acts of Kindness and the digital financial world. The goal is to help more people get to the next level of their life through financial training and life skills.

As ACTS becomes more successful, we can help more people, such as our angel tree program for kids last Christmas

Sammy: I agree with Gary. ACTS Token allows us to incorporate ancient wisdom into modern technology, offering a financial solution to people who believe in the same principles that we do. I love that we can attract a community who wants to transact with us, leading to a favorable continuous use of the Token.

Question from a listener in Florida

Janine: A question from our listener, Susan in Florida: “I am new to cryptocurrency and I’m hesitant to invest in cryptocurrency based on my lack of understanding of how cryptocurrency works and how to purchase it.” Gary, could you help put her mind at ease?


Gary: Absolutely, Susan. The advice I’d give to anybody starting out in a new field is to go slow and research at your speed. Don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with. It’s better to take the time to educate yourself, even if you might miss an opportunity than to jump headfirst into the wrong one.

Sammy: Exactly. Start slow and work with smaller dollar amounts until you’re comfortable. Just like anything else, you have to crawl before you can walk before you can run.


Janine: Thank you, Gary and Sammy. We look forward to having you back on the podcast soon. If any of our readers want to find out more about ACTS Token, go and visit

Remember, the advice provided in this blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research and consult with a professional before making any financial decisions.


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The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered financial or investment advice. Always do your own research and consult with a professional advisor before making any financial decisions.

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