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How To Buy ACTS Token

Buying ACTS Token Crypto is Simple:

Set Up Your Wallet

Deposit Funds & Wait For Clearance

Buy ACTS Token

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  1. Purchase ACTS Token with BNB token
  2. Have a Binance Smart Chain  (BSC) Wallet 
  3. Go to here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! One of the main components of our training and membership will be extensive, step by step training on how to buy, sell, transfer, protect and grow your cryptocurrency.

USDC and BUSD are Dollar Pegged tokens. And that protects you from price fluctuations.

Currently Coinbase is not a compatible network. Future plans for centralized exchanges are on the roadmap, but Coinbase is not. Also the presale price you are getting is 6x less than the opening price for public sale.

Anyone who is able to set up and purchase crypto currency. The only limitation is your local and national laws pertaining to cryptocurrency ownership.

$ACTS token will be on the BSC Binance Smart Chain.

No, we plan on having an active community, but in order to drive the token in the right direction, we have already designated a leadership team.

We encourage you to send one presale payment for the total amount of units you plan on. Before the token goes live, we will assist you with wallet setup for each allotment.

Yes, if they currently have cryptocurrency in a wallet, they are free to send the presale amount to the wallet addresses specified. When they liquidate their profits or reflections into a bank account, that process will be their own responsibility.

No, we are not structured as a networking marketing company. The Reflections will distribute 8% to all remaining token holders, but there are no additional compensation mechanisms for recruitment and enrollment of future token holders.

ACTS Token has proper business strategies in its tokenomics and has useful utilities to change the marketplace.  There is also a heart behind ACTS Token, helping widows, orphans and children with our Intentional ACTS of Kindness.  With ACTS Token, you gain access to a revolutionary reflection-generating mechanism, creating a virtuous cycle of generational wealth and charitable giving. ACTS is a win win for everyone!

No! ACTS tokens has real world business utility behind it. Long before our public launch, we were building foundational infrastructure to set us apart in both the web2 and web3 space.

Some More Happy Investors!

ACTS Token has given me confidence in Cryptocurrency. As a newer investor I value the opportunity to be able to invest in a presale! I love the ACTS of Kindness initiative and the heart behind Acts Token. “

– Annique Barber

“The ACTS Token team are the REAL Deal! They have a heart to help people create wealth and to invest in people and projects through their ACTS of Kindness fund. They go above and beyond to make sure that no one is left behind. Highly recommended! They have set goals for themselves and the community that has been surpassed with hard work and dedication. I look forward to contributing to the effort as a token holder, I see many great opportunities with this token and the ACTS of Kindness.

– Jenn Coles

“As a brand new investor I wanted to find a team that would help me understand the world of crypto currency. It’s complicated  especially when you  don’t know if you’ve invested with the right people and team. I found ACTS Token and I was able to see the vision and the heart of the team. Especially the ACTS of Kindness. To me, it says a lot. Not only are they taking the time to educate us in financial intelligence but they also encourage us to learn more about investing. I’m glad I partnered with ACTS Token. They’re all about making a positive change! I want to be part of that change in the crypto world. Not only for me but for my family and future generations. I highly recommend ACTS Token.”

– Ingrid Estrada

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