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Crypto Terminology

Crypto Terminology: Epic Financial Strategies with Dale

Crypto Terminology: Epic Financial Strategies with Dale [Video]

Key Takeaways From This Guide

  • Explanation of “HODL” – Origins and meaning 
  • “LFG” – Let’s Freaking Go! Riding high on positive market action 
  • “FOMO” – Fear of Missing Out and its effects 
  • Overcoming FOMO and understanding the industry’s growth
  • “FUD” – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt during market downturns 
  • Staying calm and focused on the long-term game 

Crypto Jargon: Level Up Your Crypto Vocabulary

Are you new to the fascinating realm of cryptocurrency and struggling to decipher the cryptic language that seems to dominate online discussions?

If you’ve ever ventured into cryptocurrency-related spaces like Discord, Telegram, or Twitter, you’ve likely encountered a slew of acronyms that might as well be alphabet soup. Fear not! Dale from ACTS Token is here to shed light on some of the most common crypto acronyms that can perplex newcomers.

Let’s break them down.


You might have come across this all-caps word and wondered if it’s some secret code. Dale clarifies that “HODL” is, in fact, a misspelled version of “hold.” Around a decade ago, someone mistakenly typed “HODL” in a crypto chat, and the internet being what it is, turned it into a meme. It stands for “Hold On for Dear Life,” a reminder to stay steadfast in your crypto holdings, despite market fluctuations.


When things are pumping and excitement is high, “LFG” echoes through the community. It stands for “Let’s Freaking Go!” – a rallying cry for positive market action. It’s the exclamation you’ll hear when investments are yielding returns and the atmosphere is buzzing with positivity.


“Fear of Missing Out” is a familiar term, even outside the crypto realm. In the context of crypto, it’s that feeling you get when you hear stories of early investors turning a few grand into millions. FOMO can lead to impulsive decisions, but Dale emphasizes the importance of staying calm and remembering that the crypto industry is evolving, and opportunities will continue to arise.


On the flip side, there’s “FUD” – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. This term surfaces when the market takes a dip and negativity spreads. News headlines can fuel FUD, but Dale encourages viewers to maintain perspective and recognize that the crypto journey is a long-term endeavor.

In this rapidly changing landscape, understanding these acronyms is like having a map to navigate through unfamiliar terrain. As Dale aptly puts it, “You’re in the right place.” The cryptocurrency industry’s potential for growth and adaptation is immense, and now that you’re equipped with these insights, you can participate with confidence.

In conclusion, if you’ve ever felt lost in the sea of crypto acronyms, this video by Dale is a must-watch. As he breaks down “HODL,” “LFG,” “FOMO,” and “FUD,” you’ll gain a solid foundation to engage in meaningful conversations and make informed decisions within the crypto community. Stay tuned for more acronym revelations in the next installment!

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