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Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Takes Twitter Timeout in Light of ‘Rate Limit

Twitter’s rate limit sparks controversy and frustration for the Cardano founder.
Charles Hoskinson steps back from Twitter due to a rate limit backlash.

Recently, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson announced on Twitter that he will be taking a brief hiatus from the platform. This decision comes amidst an ongoing debate surrounding Twitter’s implementation of reading limits for users, commonly referred to as rate limits. Twitter, led by CEO Elon Musk, introduced these restrictions as a means to counteract “extreme levels” of data scraping and system manipulation.

However, the move has generated significant criticism, resulting in service disruptions and user frustration. The community’s response to the rate limit issue has been a mix of humor and frustration, with some individuals making playful references to Hoskinson hitting his rate limit and others encouraging him to take a break.

The controversy surrounding Twitter’s rate limit policy gained attention when numerous users reported technical difficulties, such as the inability to access tweets, missing timelines, and sudden follower disappearances. The phrase “rate limit exceeded” became a common occurrence for users when attempting to view tweets. Twitter’s decision followed an earlier announcement requiring users to have an account in order to view tweets.

The general reaction to the newly imposed limits has been predominantly negative, as users express their frustration with messages like “rate limit exceeded” and “Cannot retrieve tweets” appearing in their feeds. This dissatisfaction led to the trending hashtag #TwitterDown. Critics have also launched the hashtag #RIPTwitter as a way to express skepticism about the effectiveness of rate limits in addressing data scraping and system manipulation concerns.

In the context of projects like ACTS Token, maintaining a strong online presence and engaging with the community are essential for building trust and fostering transparency. While social media platforms offer valuable channels for communication, they also come with their own limitations and challenges, as demonstrated by the rate limit issue faced by Hoskinson.

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