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ACTS Token

Changing the world one ACT At A Time

ACTS Token White Paper

ACTS Token is a cryptocurrency, with live Dex launch date in September 2023. It is a decentralized platform that bridges the gap between crypto and fiat currencies to bring the benefits of the crypto world to everyday people.

We created a software and utility company using tokens and exclusive membership NFTs, specializing in gaming, financial education and real world assets. We are a company where people come first.

Intentional Acts of Kindness are forefront and paramount to the heart and culture of our community.


Intentional Acts of Kindness are forefront and paramount to the heart and culture of our community. Our Intentional Acts of Kindness are designed to serve, help, uplift and empower widows, orphans and survivors of abuse.

What defines a widow, orphan or survivor of abuse? We have left this definition wide open enough to help many people who may need it – physically, emotionally and financially.


ACTS Token understands the fundamentals of business models and is perfectly poised to blend the worlds of traditional business and web3 together, setting the standard and creating an ecosystem that provides value from day one.

ACTS NFT Owners will gain key knowledge in many areas; for example, NFTs are only valuable if they have utility. They will learn how to acquire and profit from all kinds of NFTs on any platform. ACTS will offer a balanced liquidity pool platform focused on Real World Assets, where commercial real estate ventures are turned into Secured Token Offerings (STOs) in linear real estate markets providing even greater stability to the ecosystem.

ACTS Token founders and core team members bring their real-world business experience and personal network to the future of the ACTS Token Ecosystem for real world and metaverse utility.

A first of its kind model where success will breed success!

ACTS Token will be offering one of the world’s first decentralized NFT and DeFi liquidity marketplaces which contributes to Acts of Kindness. ACTS Token NFTs, which are based on the BSC Smart Chain, will enable NFT owners to maneuver between the physical business world and the metaverse. This creates unparalleled success with the marriage of NFTs and traditional brick & mortar business, setting the standard for both worlds to flourish moving forward.


ACTS Token aims to serve newbies and experienced crypto traders alike.

We have created a fundamentally sound and valuable cryptocurrency and NFT ecosystem. We believe the value proposition will be attractive to seasoned crypto investors; even still, only 12 to 20% of adults own cryptocurrency of any kind. Our long-term goal is to create an environment of information and education that builds trust to continue to bring new money and adherents into crypto.

The team behind ACTS Token consist of a group of well-known professionals in the field of finance, blockchain and marketing.  ACTS core team members bring 25 plus years of success in real estate, financial training, hard asset mining, green eco-friendly projects, gaming, software and utilities development.


80% of new coin launches end up being scams, with a further 15% failing within their first few months. In an industry where less than 5% of projects survive, it is essential that a project is trusted, and run by professionals with a proven track record in business.


ACTS Token have published all relevant wallet addresses, including management team wallets, locked liquidity in a third party secured locker. We have a 4 year vesting schedule that keeps our core team members and founders motivated for the short and long term. We communicate all major business decisions with the community. No project has done more for community trust and contract security.

ACTS Token aims to develop and cultivate one of the strongest and most active communities in cryptocurrency history. Our strong community continues to grow daily, supported by a team of managers, mods and admins, and a management team who interact directly with the community.


ACTS Token is based on the Binance Smart Chain, which has up to 10x quicker block speeds and significantly lower gas fees compared to many projects competing in this space.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was created to enable the use of smart contracts at a significantly faster and more efficient rate than other competing chains.

With decentralized exchanges on BSC providing lightning-fast transactions and ultra – low costs, BSC has established itself as one of the world’s leading blockchains for Decentralized Finance (DeFi). BSC makes use of BEP-20 token technology, a proprietary blockchain that ensures the security and privacy of all users and developers.

Its inherent dual-chain interoperability enables cross chain communication and scalability of high performance, decentralized applications (dApps) that lead to a quick and fluid user experience. It is EVM compatible and will support all current Ethereum tools, with faster and more affordable transactions. Based on the Proof of Stake consensus, its on-chain governance allows decentralization and substantial community participation via the use of 21 validators that verify transactions.


ACTS Token officially launches on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on September 9th, 2023 on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

There are several exciting aspects to the ACTS Token culture and tokenomics. For example, ACTS will automatically reward holders in Binance Pegged USD ($BUSD), a regulated, stablecoin, pegged 1:1 with the US dollar.

ACTS Token is a token that rewards its holders in $BUSD. It is establishing a new standard in DeFi Tokenomics with its innovative and community oriented token distribution strategy. ACTS Token is intended to be held for a longer term to generate passive income and capital growth. Due to the stable-coin rewards being paid on all transactions, investors will benefit during both Bull and Bear markets. We believe we have designed a token that does not just ride the wave or market fluctuations in BTC and ETH.

Simply hold ACTS Tokens to automatically receive a proportional share of 8% of every transaction, paid in $BUSD. This is automatically transferred to your wallet.


ACTS Token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000

From the initial release, 25% of tokens were sent to the burn address, and further coins are burnt daily via the Buy Back & Burn feature.

8% of every transaction is redistributed to holders in Binance pegged BUSD, which is automatically paid into your wallet.

1.4% of every transaction is transferred into the ACTS of Kindness Fund.

4.6% of every transaction is transferred into Liquidity Pool for decentralized trades, for strategic BuyBack reserve and marketing efforts. The Distribution mix will follow the prudent person law and always do what’s best for the community.


ACTS Token is here to stay! Having already established ourselves as one of the top breakout projects, the future holds immense opportunity for ACTS Token investors.

With the upcoming launch of a suite of exciting utilities, a strong and experienced team, and a healthy budget for marketing and development, we aim to grow into one of the world’s top cryptos in 2023 and beyond!


Gary Russel

Sammy Chon

Who Our Crypto Helps:


Serious investors who want to add a stream of income.

Crypocurrency scale

Investors who want a supportive cryptocurrency community.

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Socially conscious investors who want to help widows, orphans, and survivors of abuse.

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Investors who want to achieve long-term security.

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